Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Construction: prefabricated factories and prefabricated warehouses have become popular nowadays. In the pre-engineered steel buildings, It is widely used in manufacturing practices. Demanding of design, pre-engineered steel building construction serves the needs of economic development is increasingly high. Understanding about that problem, Chanh Nghia construction joint-stock company is a business that specializes in Design – Construction – Construction Steel Building such as prefabricated factories, prefabricated warehouses, to build supermarkets, and prefabricated houses. From the first designs, making foundation, to finish construction. Chanh Nghia Group always brings solid, quality prefabricated houses and the best cost price for customers.

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Construction Quotation Process

  • Step 1: Chanh Nghia Group gets requests for project consultancy support of customers throughout forms as:

Hotline: (+84) 0986 58 78 78

Phone number: (+84) 274 3856 607

Office address: 993, Huynh Van Luy Street, Phu My Ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province.

Or: Our architects come to directly consult at customers’ projects.

  • Step 2: To carry out a survey on construction ground
  • Step 3: Chanh Nghia Group researches the design and construction plan before conducting the bidding
  • Step 4: Make a quotation about pre-engineered steel buildings construction and next send to the investor, then give the most reasonable construction plan.
  • Step 5: The two sides proceed to agree on the unit price for the construction of prefabricated steel-framed houses, progress, contract terms, and construction contract.

The process of designing pre-engineered steel buildings: factories, warehouses, supermarkets, houses

  • Step 1: Survey – discuss the needs of the client owner at the construction site
  • Step 2: Basic design, location, area.
  • Step 3: Designing construction technical drawings

Prefabricated steel building construction and erection process

  • Step 1: Preparation for erection; Check erection equipment, erection materials: quantity, safety, quality of materials …
  • Step 2: Erect the column

Erection of columns Installation of columns 1 Erection of columns 2 …

  • Step 3: Erection of the rafter

Truss erection 1 Truss erection 2 …

  • Step 4: Erect purlins, bracing …
  • Step 5: Adjust the frame of the first house

Erection of purlins, bracing. Erection of purlins, bracing. 1 Align the frame of the first room

  • Step 6: Install the next booth…
  • Step 7: Completely install the remaining rooms…
  • Step 8: Mount the roof …

Install the next room … Install the roof …

  • Step 9: Check completely before covering …
  • Step 10: Erect the cover and finish …

Pre-engineered steel building construction capacity: factories, warehouses, offices, supermarkets, houses.

Chanh Nghia Construction Joint Stock Company has more than 7 years in building activities, specializing in designing – building steel-framed houses for projects such as prefabricated factories, prefabricated warehouses, schools, offices, and houses.

All steel trusses are manufactured directly in our factory, ensuring quality and price.

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Hotline: (+84) 0986 58 78 78

Phone number:  (+84) 274 3856 607