Chanh Nghia Construction Joint-Stock company


Chanh Nghia was established in July 2013 with a precursor as Chanh Nghia Construction Private Enterprise by a group of construction engineers and business bachelor who are passionate about creating a leading construction company in Vietnam. As a young business born in a difficult economic context as well as fierce competition, Chanh Nghia has stood firm and developed by receiving the trust of customers.

During the process of construction and development, Chanh Nghia Construction Joint Stock Company has brought added value to each project, achieved many achievements in the field of construction of industrial works, schools. Each product of the company is the combination of experience, intelligence, and creativity with a strict and modern quality management system.

With increasingly enhanced facilities and people, with its creative labor, Chanh Nghia Construction Joint Stock Company has constructed thousands of civil, industrial, factory, warehouse, and school projects. the study, hotel … in all parts of the country of Vietnam. Most of the construction works and products are highly appreciated by customers and markets such as T.Edison Kindergarten, Viet Anh International Primary School, VUS English Center, Victory Binh Duong Water Plant, …. Chanh Nghia Construction Joint Stock Company is a business unit with 3 main areas of activity as follows:

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Area of operation

Consulting services

Construction consulting service is one of the essential fields of operation of Chanh Nghia Construction Joint Stock Company. Construction consulting services are established to inherit capacity, experience, and support in the construction industry thanks to inherent good relationships. Besides, consulting is also one of the fulcrums to promote the Company’s activities.

The goal of Chanh Nghia Group is to target customers with criteria for mutual benefits. Therefore, our experts are flexible, dedicated, enthusiastic, and thoughtful in all consulting activities. Besides, we also have a team of consultants and experts with long-term experience in construction investment; we can advise and support for many types of customers and many specific cases.

“Cooperation for mutual development” is the motto that Chanh Nghia Group always aims at. Chanh Nghia always pays attention to building and maintaining relationships with customers, we understand that all sustainable and long-term relationships must be based on strict ethical standards of finance, materials, quality, and protection of customers’ assets while protecting company assets.


Our Chanh Nghia Group has a mission: “Building a nest – Building the future” with the meaning of building a home full of vitality, always reaching out, in harmony with nature to bring a sense of peace to people. . Chanh Nghia always innovates and creating in the field of design and construction projects, schools, factories, hotels…. to meet the standards of the investor as well as the company’s customers.

With a team of engineers, architects, masters, and experts, Chanh Nghia Construction Joint Stock Company has performed many contracts on projects of different industries in Binh Duong and the provinces of South and North. Through the work done, Chanh Nghia Construction Joint Stock Company has accumulated a lot of experience every day, professionalized the team, and strengthened the capacity to complete the necessary stages of the work. Construction investment.

Construction design works

Chanh Nghia Construction Joint Stock Company specializes in providing design services as follows:

  • Architectural design works
  • Structural design of civil and industrial works
  • Interior design
  • Design of electricity – water system for civil and industrial works
  • Designing houses, warehouses, prefabricated factories…


Chanh Nghia Group understands that, besides the beautiful design drawings, the construction phase is the crucial factor to the finish of a complete project. Because the design is gorgeous but not constructed with proper technique, the loose structure will not be entire and not sustainable over time. In other words, construction is the last step to turn ideas and plans into reality. Therefore, it is necessary to have an effective plan, a construction plan to complete a work project, optimize its functions, ensure aesthetics, budget, and schedule.

It can be said that Chanh Nghia Group has been voted as the most prestigious contractor by investors, the most trusted contractor in Binh Duong up to now. In construction, our company, with a team of highly professional staff and workers, well organized, has been using proficiently many advanced technologies and technical measures such as bored piles, Barrete wall. , sliding formwork, climbing formwork, table form, glossy floor, aluminum formwork, high-strength concrete structure, monolithic concrete, prestressed concrete, 3D wall floor, profile steel structure hybrid, smart home.

The strength of Chanh Nghia Group is to construct civil and industrial projects with the spearhead of pre-engineered steel buildings. In the past years, Chanh Nghia Group has been building hundreds of pre-engineered factories and warehouses in Binh Duong province in particular and nationwide in general with high quality, safety, and sustainability.

We have over seven years of experience building activities with many small to large factory projects throughout the industrial zones in the South. Many customers highly appreciate us for the quality and progress of factory construction. With a team of highly specialized engineers and investment in modern machinery and equipment, we always bring quality value – improvement creating Chanh Nghia Group today.