Steel Structure Manufacturing – Mechanical Processing

  • CHANH NGHIA GOUP – The joint-stock company have over 7 years experience in manufacturing, processing, installing, and trading steel structure and mechanical as factory, pre-engineered building, steel beam, steel frame, serving civil and industrial constructions.

With great specialize engineer team to consult, design, constructed experience in the past, passion’s flame is burning in their souls. We promise that we will give your our best advisory and plan about the result, quality construction for our customer’s project.

Company’s main ability.

  • Steel structure manufacturing and mechanical’s ability.
  • Construction ability.
  • Design consultant ability.

I – Steel structure manufacturing and mechanical’s ability.

Chanh Nghia Joint Stock Company have a system of factory, steel structure production plant, creating steel truss with a capacity up to 4800 tons/year.

Manufacture specialize in:

+ The kinds of the pre-engineered building frame, steel structure’s types for an industrial and civil house with any span of customer’s demand.

+ Manufacture mechanical with precise detail.

II – Construction ability.

Chanh Nghia Joint Stock Company take all civil and industrial construction bid, especially in:

  1. Constructing the completed factory, including building, installing the water and electricity system, furniture decoration for civil and industrial construction, quality, and aesthetics ensured as required.
  2. Regarding soil preparation: Digging – filling ground, ditches, dikes and dams with modern construction machinery.
  3. Concrete: cast in place, precast skyscrapers, industrial factory’s, cistern’s, dam tank’s by modern construction machines as the concrete batching plant, concrete pumps, etc.

III – Design consultant ability.

– We have full of applications to make our design get the best accuracy and fast, easy to understand for the customer which help them choose the best controlling solution easily, make the steel structure manufacturing more precise and quicker than it was.

– Our company has an engineering team with consult-design certificates, enthusiasm, make a budget list for the customers with the best efficiency.

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