Repair, renovate the factory

Normally, the factory after a long-time operation will be deteriorated, especially the roof part. The appearance of cracking and leaking roof will affect the production process of the business. Therefore, repairing, renovating the factory to overcome damage always the crucial part to create a comfortable working environment, a safe working place for the workers. In addition, it’s may also due to the changing of business’s demand about capacity or production expansion, the factory needs to expand the warehouse or factory, either to the cafeteria, garage, etc.

Understand the problem, Chanh Nghia Group proud to be a unit with 10 years experience of market operation in the field of providing repairing service, professional and credible in renovating the factory in Binh Duong and South provinces. We are committed that we will bring the customers’ satisfy by our repairing and renovating factory with high quality, safety with the suitable cost.

Why you should choose our repair and renovate factory service of our company?

First of all, Chanh Nghia Group has a passionate and professional team of architect, designer, expert consultant.

Second, we ensure that we always have solutions to maximize the saving cost and accelerate construction time.

Third, the regime maintains at a reasonable time.

Fourth, Chanh Nghia Group committed to using the most modern machines and equipment to repair and renovation, not only friendly with the environment but also not harmful to human health.

Fifth, the construction’s quality is 100% standard.

Chanh Nghia group’s repair and maintain factory service including the following items:

– Repair factory walls, design and build new walls.

– Repair factory walls, construction and waterproof factory walls, waterproof paint effectively.

– Repairing corrugated roofs, renovating corrugated roofs, waterproofing roof leaks in factories.

– Re-paint factory walls, floors, fences, doors.

– Repair toilets, bathrooms in factories.

– Renovate, upgrade and expand factory areas, factories.

– Installation of the roof of the workshop is insulated, heat resistant, effective waterproof.

– Maintenance, repair and improvement of water and electricity systems in factories.

– Construction and upgrading system of floors in factories, high-grade floor tiles, anti-slip.

Above are our shares about factory repair and renovation services. If customers have needs for repairing, renovating the factory, please contact our Chanh Nghia Group for specific quotation advice.