Design – construct the prefabricated warehouse

Perhaps the phrase “prefabricated warehouse” is no longer too unfamiliar in the construction business world. With the current economic development, many industrial zones are on the rise, along with the construction of pre-engineered steel factories or pre-engineered warehouses is also widely popular.

Building the steel warehouse can help the investor, the business saving times, construction cost, but bring high efficiency in use. Steel-framed warehouses today almost use up to 80% of specialized steel to erect warehouses. From design, build the foundation, casting to construction, pre-engineered warehouses are done quickly, professionally, also saving cost.

We all know that design demand, construct warehouse to serving production process is increasing day by day and essential with a business. Understand that problem, Chanh Nghia Group, which is a company specializing in Design – Construction – Building pre-engineered steel, over 7 years experience in the field of construction and reputed No. 1 by Binh Duong.

Why companies and businesses must build pre-engineering building for the warehouse but not the other types?

Most enterprises in Binh Duong in particular and provinces across the country, in general, all choose to construct a pre-engineering warehouse cause it has the following advances:

– Low cost, saving construction cost, and also using maximize the area of the warehouse.

– Fast construction time: help the investor quickly run the construction to serving the production.

– Have a low weight, so load issue no longer is a problem.

– Do not waste too many auxiliary materials like reinforced concrete workshops.

– The retrieval and assembly are simple and quick.

– Easy to expand.

– Secure: Steel structures are firmly linked together, ensuring safety during construction and when put into operation.

Chanh Nghia Group – the best unit to construct the pre-engineered steel

Chanh Nghia Group is a company that has over 7 years of experience in the field of Design – Construction – Building the pre-engineered warehouse with an expert and professional design team, consult and design warehouse, we are the solution to saving cost, saving time for the customer. Chanh Nghia JSC specializes in designing and constructing construction warehouses, parking lots, and all kinds of factories in industrial zones, etc. We are committed to giving you the best solution such as:

  • The survey, consult and support dedicated customers with cost-optimized solutions.
  • Take quality as the first goal.
  • Avoid as much as possible costs incurred during and after the construction process.
  • The price always the most competitive in the market.
  • Always work quickly and reputation with customers.
  • Warranty repair wholeheartedly.
  • Especially, our company always has preferential and discount policies for large area projects.

Investors, organizations and individuals who are wishing to design and construct pre-engineered steel warehouses, please contact Chanh Nghia Construction Joint Stock Company for quotation advice and receive countless incentives from the company. We are committed to always bring to customers unique designs, with the most reasonable cost.