CHARTER CAPITAL: VND 100,000,000,000 (One hundred billion VND)
COMPANY ADDRESS: 993, Huynh Van Luy Street, Phu My Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province
PHONE: (+ 84) 274 3856 607 Hotline 0986 58 78 78

About us:

Chanh Nghia Construction Joint Stock Company was established in June 2013 with precursor is Chanh Nghia Construction Private Company by a group of passionate, ambitious construction engineers and a business bachelors of creating the top construction company in Viet Nam. We established in the bear market time; on the other hand, the competition in the construction market is intense. But after all, Chanh Nghia is still standing on their feet, stronger and stronger, and forming into shape in our customer minds. Human and reputation are our foundation, which makes every customer working with us feel comfortable, cause our honest, delicate in our job, and happy with our performance and quality itself. 

Our goal is to give our customers the values beyond their expectation so that why Chanh Nghia always invested in human resources, care about occupational safety. Staff’s company never stops learning and improve our expert, skill, and manager level. They have built Chanh Nghia with core value: Human – Quality – On-time – Credit – Responsibility. They are the most precious part of the company.

Chanh Nghia always attends to building relationships with consumers. We know if we want to create a stable and long relationship, we must be building its base on strict morality, including financial, material, quality, and protect customer’s properties as the company’s properties.

With our construction experience in the past, Chanh Nghia Construction Joint Stock Company has been many designs also constructed building in the Southern provinces. Every building is a combination of experienced, intellect, creation with a coherent, modern manager system.

On the other side, we keep building and take care of the relationship with the other organizations, the researchers are searching for a solution to upgrade the competition ability with quality and modern science technology. All these things go for the last objective: give our customers what they deserve.

Construction design 

Chanh Nghia Group’s mission “Xây tổ ấm – Dựng tương lai” meaning that create a vitality home, keep raising and harmony with the natural environment to make people feel safe and sounds.
Base on our deep geomancy and construction knowledge, never stop updating new construction trends. Moreover, we keep researching about Vietnamese’s culture demand, mental and living behavior. In the field of civil and industrial construction, we have created perfect living spaces, give our customers the highest satisfy they can have in our building.
Every Chanh Nghia Group’s building scattered across the regions has been created highlight point in the picture of living space, in which gathering construction’s elite… Harmony with geomancy, friendly with nature – pedology, suitable with customer’s behavior. Every building is our architect team honor for their result of civil and industrial construction…

Civil and industrial construction

Chanh Nghia Group understands that besides the beautiful designs, the construction process is a crucial part of completing the building. Cause a beautiful design but a negligent technique’s construct, the loose structure will not fulfilling and easily damaged by time. In other words, construction is the final step to make ideas, plans come true, finish the building with maximizing function, aesthetic with on budget, and on schedule.
With the strength of civil and industrial construction, Chanh Nghia Group has been creating customers’ belief with quality building and useful when works come into operation. We always have an experienced engineer in the construction field, whose enthusiasm and pressured themself to finish their work on time with the best quality. In the construction management system, the company always has parts responsible for controlling, safety secure in the construction process.
In constructing progress, we commit to ensuring the accuracy and identical with the design also acceptance rules of the project. On the other hand, with many years of construction experience finishing very high-quality requirements as an office building, international school, etc. So that why customers can completely trust and comfort with construction quality: sustainable – graceful – delicate provide from Chanh Nghia Group.