Factory design 2022 in Binh Duong

When the factories grow more and more, factory design becomes a very potential industry in Binh Duong. The number of factories in the industrial zones indicates the growth of the economy.

There are many different factory design companies so this is a challenge for investors. Investors must be wise to choose companies specializing in designing reputable and quality factories on the market.

Factory design 2022 in Binh Duong

Factory design is the process of rational arrangement of factories, saving time, effort, money and helping investors imagine the factory they are going to build.

The factory is a space with a large area, large capacity, and large scale. Factories are often built-in industrial zones.

In Binh Duong, where many large industrial zones are concentrated, they are investors and potential customers for factory construction companies.

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Basic steps for factory design:

Step 1: Receive customers

Step 2: Exchange basic information about the customer, the area of factory location that the customer wants to design.

Step 3: Conduct ground survey and design quotation

Step 4: Conduct factory design

Step 5: Deploy technical documents including water and electricity structures … and consult with investors and customers.

Step 6: Hand over the design document and liquidate the contract

Notes for factory design:

– Arrange the construction ground suitable with current technology, when designing, it is necessary to consider for the investor to easily expand the scale in the future without affecting the original factory.

– Depending on the purpose of using the factory, choose suitable and convenient materials.

– Consider and choose a good plan to save money and reduce costs, suitable for future use.

The number of prefabricated steel buildings, warehouses, and steel buildings is increasing day by day. Large factories help companies, industrial zones solve problems of expanding factory area and construction in a short time, saving costs.

This is the place to store all kinds of finished materials of the company and the workshop for employees to work as well

Chanh Nghia Construction Join Stuck Company is a company specializing in designing and constructing factories in Binh Duong

With many years of experience and a team of excellent architects, Chanh Nghia Group has brought the construction and architecture industry beautiful works, surpassed other construction companies, and became one of the most reputable construction companies in Binh Duong area.

Chanh Nghia Group is a company specializing in the design and construction of civil and industrial works:

Design of factories, pre-engineered buildings.

Design and construction of houses, townhouses, villas

package factory building

If you need to design construction, you can refer to the contractor’s projects designed and constructed to assess the quality and get more ideas for your project. And have the basis for choosing a prestigious and quality contractor. 

If you need more information, please feel free to contact us via website chanhnghia.com  or hotline 0986.58.78.78.

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